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Pacific World in Vietnam provides clients with the key to the door of a wonderful and diverse country, with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We provide the most extensive local knowledge and event expertise available in Vietnam across our two dedicated offices. All of our staff are experienced event professionals with thorough first hand destination knowledge, and a passion for the country and for serving our clients. At Pacific World, we care about our clients and take pride in delivering operational excellence and tailor-made unique and creative programmes to exceed the individual needs and objectives of your events. We provide a one-stop-shop service, providing you with one point of contact to handle all of your ground requirements from A-Z, ensuring ease of communication and seamless operations.

As a regional network of companies, our event expertise expands beyond Indochina, which gives our clients the added advantage of region-wide consistency of service for pre and post extensions, and an even wider reach of resources for large-scale events. In addition we have a global network of sales and marketing offices to support you in your own locality. At Pacific World Vietnam, we strive to demonstrate the true art of Asian destination management, and hope to welcome you and your events to Vietnam in the future.

Meetings: Arrange a meeting at the beautifully preserved World Heritage town of Hoi An on Vietnam’s east coast.

Incentives: Take a thrilling helicopter ride to the awesome Ha Long Bay for a breathtaking overnight cruise.

Conferences: Hold a conference at Hanoi’s state of the art conference centre followed by an elegant gala dinner at the beautiful Hanoi Opera House.

Events: Organize a spectacular event at the fascinating warren of underground villages at Cuchi Tunnels, just outside Saigon.

Discover a different world. Vietnam was recently voted the best emerging destination for meetings and incentives, with good reason. Its charm combines the old and the new, untouched landscapes and luxury facilities, friendly and hospitable people, natural beauty, ancient wonders, lively cities, and fabulous cuisine. For events, each destination has its unique appeal to reward a team: Hanoi, the country’s elegant capital; the natural beauty of World Heritage Halong Bay, the Ancient City of Hoi An, the Imperial capital of Hue and the cosmopolitan city of Saigon. Filled with enriching and rewarding experiences – beautiful scenery, wonderful people, a fascinating history, and a diverse range of locations, Vietnam has its own unique and thrilling identity, that combines Asian heritage with a twist of French influence. This is a country that will take you to a different world.

Vietnam with its stable politics, rapidly growing economics and its richness in culture and history, together with its beautiful landscape and smiling Vietnamese people, always promises all international MICE clients unforgettable experiences and events. What could be more rewarding than a journey of discovery through the mysteries of this intriguing land? Wonderful, natural beauty. From green rice fields dotted with the conical hats of farmers in Vietnam’s north stretching to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south. Voted best emerging destination for events in 2009 by CEI readers. Vietnam has arrived much later on the events scene than its neighbours but now its rising development is putting it firmly on the map, with luxurious hotels and facilities that still retain the charm of yesteryear. Stunning country scenes are a highlight of Vietnam. Quickly out of the cities, you are immersed in the beauty of lush paddy fields and traditional rural lifestyle.

Blessed with awesome sights. Vietnam is very much worthy of World Heritage attention, with wonderful treats for delegates and incentive winners. The majestic Ha Long Bay and the exquisitely preserved coastal town of Hoi An are some of the most appealing and intriguing destinations in the region. Rich and unique cultural history. A country with a fascinating legacy that intrigues the world. Enormous diversity within one country. Vibrant cities, ancient ruins, classic cruising and train journeys, a rich hill tribe culture, delicious cuisine and traditional lifestyles are just a taste of the wealth of experiences that Vietnam has to offer.

  • When should I travel?
Vietnam stretches over 1,800km up the eastern coast of the Indochina peninsula and has various climates at the same time in different parts of the country. Winter season lasts from November to April in the north with temperatures averaging 16 degree centigrade. The rest of the year is considered summer time with heavy rainfalls and occasional storms. The rainy season lasts from May to October in the south. However, it only rarely rains the whole day long. It gets dry after rainfall as quickly as it comes. The dry season is generally from November to April. The central parts of Vietnam are affected by the South West monsoon from Laos during May – June which causes a muggy heat and sometimes produces typhoons and tropical storms during November – December, with long lasting rains. Despite of this fact, the months of November and December are constantly considered the peak period of incoming tourists. January and February are still cloudy and rainy occasionally. The best time for a long tour from North to South Vietnam would be from January till April and for those who wish beach holidays can come to enjoy warm water and sunshine in the central coast during summer time, from May to October.

  • Is it safe to travel and are there places to avoid?
No part of Vietnam is considered unsafe for tourists, even for those who individually discover the country on their own, without pre-arranged services.

  • What money should I take?
The currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). Most major currencies can be changed at banks and moneychangers. Traveller’s cheques are accepted at some international hotels only and cashed in at banks with your presence and the signing to be witnessed by the bank officers. When cashing Traveller’s Cheques, it is necessary to take proof of purchase and passport to the bank. Credit cards are widely accepted in major cities. You should exchange some cash into local currency for daily transactions.

  • What language will they understand?
English is spoken at hotels, restaurants, shops, airlines offices, and service offices.

  • How about my health?
There are excellent hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and health care centres in all provinces, but facilities are limited and there is a lack of medicines. Health insurance is essential and should include cover for emergency repatriation by air. Immediate cash payment is expected for services.

  • Public Holidays

January 01 New Year's Day
January 23  *Têt, Lunar New Year
April 12 *Gio to Hung Vuong Day
April 30 Liberation of Saigon
May 01 May Day
September 02 National Day

January 01 New Year's Day
February 10 Têt (Vietnamese New Year)
April 19 Gio to Hung Vuong Day
April 30 Liberation Day
May 01 Labour Day
September 02 National Day

  • Do I need a visa?
Visas are required for South African passport holders and should be made well in advance.

  • Will I need any innoculations before I depart?
No vaccination is required.